The Monkey Bar Prague

Discover our crossover of boutique charm & urban taste – high-end yet low-key – with a hint of craziness & sophistication.
A laid-back yet vibrant place combining modern classics & social dining with avant-garde drinks & city beats.


The city’s your urban jungle. Can you handle the monkeys?

Immerse yourself in a whole new world of downtown indulgence & surrender to your culinary time-out. You’ll definitely make our Monkey Bar your own personal recommendation after being captivated by its laissez-faire vibe & fancy twist!

jungle brunch

Eliminate the need of waking up early on Weekends and carry on the vibes of last night’s fever. It is brunch time on the terrace of The Monkey Bar where you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere:

  • Bottomless Mimosa
  • Bottomless Margarita with unique flavour each month
  • Outdoor bar and its daily cocktails
  • The right selection of brunch dishes
  • Moreover, on Sundays is DJ on

Move over coffee, weekend is job for mimosa…or is tequila more reasonable replacement?

SATURDAY & SUNDAYS 12:30 - 15:30

cocktail workshop

Gain an insight into the hard work behind the cocktail bar. Learn unique techniques and trends in the art of mixology. Experience the difference between drinking and savoring unique cocktails.

Cocktail workshop includes:

  • Insights behind The Monkey Bar concept
  • Learnings about current techniques and trends
  • Making and tasting four cocktails
  • Seasonal Monkey Bites
  • Recipes to take home
  • Specific theme

CZK 2200 per person.
Group from 6 to 8 guests.


Signature Cocktails,
& innovative cuisine !

Where you get your mon(k)ey's worth.

We don’t need to impress with unnecessary pretiosity.
Instead, our Monkey Bar is a cozy place for bon vivants celebrating social gatherings.


The monkey team of professionals is here for you

Our venues are suitable for …
– Events & parties for up to a maximum of 150 guests
– Private exclusive venue for a group of around 30 people
– Press events & product launch in a unique venue
–  Cocktails and culinary incentive programs
– Breakfasts, lunches & dinners

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